Black Bear Hunting in New Brunswick, Canada

At Upper Oxbow, we strive to make your black bear hunting adventure a great success. 

We have spectacular spring and fall black bear hunts at Upper Oxbow and hunt some of the most productive and uncrowded zones in New Brunswick. Bears range in size up to 600+lbs. Feel your heart quicken as you sit in your stand and watch your trophy ambling toward you.

We cater to both bow and gun hunters and we will look after your trophy from field to freezer! If you tag your trophy early, there’s plenty of angling action left on the river. It’s an action packed week!

Spring season starts the middle of April and runs to the end of June. We normally start hunting the second week of May. Since we are located in northern New Brunswick, we find that this gives the animals ample time to come out of hibernation and start hitting the baits regularly.

New Brunswick Black Bear Hunting

New Brunswick Black Bear Hunting

What you can expect:

  • Minimum of 3 active baits per hunter.
  • All baiting done by guides. You can participate but are not required.
  • Fine cuisine such as lobsters on your menu.
  • We provide one-on-one guide service.
  • We hunt zone 7 and 8. These are zones that are productive and not over hunted by other outfitters. (See Map for zone locations)
  • Both metal and wooden ladder stands are used.
  • Your guide remains in the area within hearing distance of a rifle shot. They will also accompany you at bait, if this is preferred.
  • Radios are used to contact your guide to come and retrieve your trophy.
  • You will be picked up at bait no later than dark each evening.
  • Ladder stands are placed 20 to 200 meters from bait.

Combination hunt

Try your hand at angling for wild Atlantic salmon, sea run trout, shad or striped bass in the mornings and hunt your trophy in the afternoons. When you bag the big one we still have plenty of fishing left. Truly a week you will not forget.

What to bring hunting:

  • Camo clothes
  • Bug net
  • Personal items of clothing
  • Rifle & Ammunition or Bow
  • Safety harness (if you have one)

New Brunswick Black Bear Hunting


  • 2015 Black Bear Hunting (5 days, 6 nights)
    $2,150 CDN / Per Person
  • 2015 Black Bear Hunting (6th day)
    $250 CDN / Per Person
  • Black Bear Hunting / Fishing Package
    $3,250 CDN / Per Person

Important Facts:

  • A non-resident Black Bear hunter may acquire a licence in either of the following two methods: Through a designated, licenced outfitter or guide who has received an allocation of black bear licences, or by entering and being successful in the computerized random access draw.
  • Non-resident Black Bear Licences are valid for hunting in only one Wildlife Management Zone (See Map for zone locations).
  • Click here to go to the Government of NB Bear license website


We guarantee active baits and our guides put you over game.

Only you can determine if you will put the trophy in the bag.