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For over 190 years the Blackmore family has been in the business of providing the best Atlantic Salmon angling and outdoor adventure experiences on the Miramichi. We took up residence on the banks of the Little Southwest Miramichi in 1823 where we have been stewards of the river for six generations. Today, we continue that tradition here at Upper Oxbow.

Whether your passion is Atlantic salmon and striped bass fishing, hunting black bear, moose and upland birds or seeking other outdoor experience, we welcome the opportunity to serve you. Our spacious waterfront property, located on the family homestead, will accommodate your quest for adventure and we’ll make sure it’s a memorable one.

Let us be your guides to adventure.



Latest news from the Oxbow



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    This morning proved another successful day of fishing.  A lovely sunny morning and a beautiful grilse caught and safely released to spawn […]

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    I took this picture one evening this spring, we were out enjoying some striped bass fishing.  We are so lucky to have […]

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    This week brought us a fun group to experience Upper Oxbows’ great atmosphere for team building.  Everyone was able to experience some wonderful weather […]